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Simplename offers a simple API for developers wishing to integrate availability and expiry services on their websites / browser toolbars / mobile devices / whatever.

The API functions are free to use, and no registration is required. However, there are strict limits placed on the number of queries that can be made at a given time, and simplename does not provide any service guarrantees for the free interface.

If you require more flexibility with the query rate, or more reliability, please contact us and we will arrange an API key for you which will provide extended limits and priority access.

Basic method

To access a simplename API method, simply call it as specified. The result will be an XML document containing the appropriate information.

All API functions are versioned via the URL, ie /api/<version>/available. Prior versions will remain supported unless otherwise warned on release notes given on the blog.

All API functions also support JSON where practical. To obtain a JSON response, simply append json=True to the HTTP query.

Availability checks

You can perform an availability check on up to 25 domains in one go, using the availability method:


You will receive an XML response in the following fashion:

	<Domain Name="klsdjgksdg.co.nz" Available="True"/>
	<Domain Name="happycat.co.nz"/>
	<Domain Name="simplename.co.nz"/>

The "Available" element will only be given for a domain that is available at the time of the query.


Any errors will result in a 500 response, possibly including a useful message. Verification of the validity of domain name is recommended prior to submission, however the error message returned in the body should be moderately useful for english speakers.

A 403 response will be provided if the rate limiting is exceeded.