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Questions and Answers


Can I register/transfer/manage my .com or other non-NZ domains here?
No, simplename specialises in .nz names only.
Can I move my domain away from my old provider to simplename?
Simply follow the transfer process. It's free, and your domain keeps any time it has on it.
Can I move my domain away from simplename to another provider/registrar?
Yes. Most registrars allow you to transfer to them simply by providing the domain name and UDAI via some kind of online process, or by contacting them directly. You will have received an email from simplename containing your UDAI when you registered your domain. If you can't remember what it is, you can generate a new UDAI using the Manage button on the home page.
I've forgotten my UDAI, and the email address for the registrant and admin are no longer valid for my domain...how do I get my UDAI now?
In this case, it is necessary for you to contact support directly, as we will need to verify your identity as the registrant before we can generate a new UDAI for you.
How can I learn more about .nz domains?
The Office of the Domain Name Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the .nz domain name system, and provides information on your rights as a registrant, other registrars, and details on policies and complaints procedures.
Does simplename support moderated 2LD's such as .iwi?
No, simplename will not permit moderated domains to be registered or transferred in.
Does simplename record domains I try to register and then register them if I don't?
Absolutely not. In fact, we are specifically forbidden from registering names not directly associated with our business in our agreement with the DNC.
I can't think of a domain name, what should I do?
Let our domain name suggestion wizard help you!
Does simplename provide private registrations?
No, no .nz registrar or reseller is permitted to do so. We do, however, have a set of privacy recommendations you can follow to achieve the same effect.

Web and Email

Does simplename provide web or email hosting?
No, we provide web and email forwarding to other hosts, but we will not host your services ourselves.
If I transfer my domain away from simplename, will my web and email forwards continue to work?
Your web and email forwarding - and associated DNS service - will remain active for 7 days after your domain transfers away. During this period we recommend you arrange alternate service from your new registrar.


What methods of payment does simplename accept?
Simplename accepts Visa and Mastercard creditcards. No other forms of payment are currently accepted.
Does Simplename offer refunds?
No, once a domain is registered, no refunds of the registration or renewal fee will be provided. In the instance that a failure in the Simplename website results in a charge to the creditcard without the appropriate service being provided, a coupon code for the same value will be provided automatically.


Does simplename have a reseller program?
No, simplename believes in dealing with the registrant directly, due to the importance of ensuring the registrants rights are respected. In the future we may support resellers if we can reconcile this belief with the implementation.


Does simplename offer an API to query domain availability or register a domain?
Does simplename offer RSS/Atom feeds to track expiring domains?
Yes. There are feeds for Atom and RSS, which you can use to subscribe to renewal notices for up to 25 domains. For more information see the feeds page

Got other questions?

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to contact us.