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RSS / Atom feeds

Simplename offers a simple subscription service, allowing you to track the expiry of up to 25 domains as a feed in your browser or feed reader. To do so, you can use the reminders wizard or construct a url with the following format:


You can replace rss2.0 with atom0.3 or atom1.0 if you wish. No other formats are currently supported.

Please: Do not query this service heavily. Continuous heavy use may result in your IP being barred to ensure service for others.


Why is my feed empty?
Probably, none of your domains are near expiry. The feed is only populated when a domain comes within 30 days of expiry.
What happens if I click on the entry link for a warning?
You will be taken to the renewal page for that domain.
Can I track renewal dates for domains of other registrars?
Yes, by popular demand this service works for any .nz domain, although the renewal link always goes to simplename.
Can I track renewal dates of domains for which I'm not the registrant/admin?
Yes. The date of expiry is a matter of public record (in the whois service), we saw no reason to attempt to restrict users to monitoring their own domains and thus add a layer of complexity.
Can I prevent my domain from being monitored in this fashion?
You can request that we blacklist the domain from this service via email. However, the expiry information is always available via the public whois service, and cannot be removed from there.