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Your Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. This policy outlines the information collected as a part of the regular running of this site, and to what extent that information may be provided to third parties, or used in a manner unrelated to the operation of the site.

Information Collected

The site collects the following information:

In addition, the site sets a temporary cookie on the browser of each visitor for the purposes of tracking authentication.

Information Sharing

No information specifically regarding you, your browser or your domain will be shared with any third party, except as required by the Registry.

Information in the aggregate, ie monthly totals, may be shared confidentially, but only in such a form that no information regarding you or your domain may be determined.

Cookies set on your browser are set purely to ensure the functionality of the site, and cannot be used to track your browser anywhere other than at this site.

Information Removal

For the purposes of providing full history, it is necessary that the site maintains auditing information with regard to a domain. This information is limited to the details of operations performed to register, modify or cancel a domain. This information cannot be removed automatically, but may be removed at your request, and at our discretion.

Information provided to the Registry, including auditing details, cannot be removed.

It is not practical for us to remove all references to your IP address and browser within our logs.


Changes may be necessary to this policy in the future. Should this happen, the Registrant's email address will be sent an outline of the new policy at least 14 days prior to the change.

If you find the changes unacceptable, you may cancel or transfer within that period.

Got questions?

If you have any questions regarding your privacy, we encourage you to contact us.