.nz Authorised Registrar

Privacy recommendations

It is a requirement laid down by the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner that all registrants of .nz domain names must provide their name, email address, contact phone number and a valid postal address as part of the registration.

Organisations are fine, but individuals rarely have a PO Box or equivalent address that isn't their own home address.

If this situation applies to you, simplename highly recommends the use of a mail relay service such as Private Box. Private Box will provide you with a valid postal address that you can monitor via the web, letting you reject or accept incoming mail as desired.

At this time, simplename is not aware of a similarly cost-effective phone relay service. We hope to locate one soon so watch this space.

Why doesn't simplename provide this service automatically?

Unfortunately, .nz registrars and resellers are prohibited from providing privacy services for domain registrants. We hope to see this stance change in the near future. If you wish to add your voice on this topic, we recommend contacting the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner in support of private registration.