.nz Authorised Registrar

.nz Domain Reservation

You may have received an email from us about ensuring the .nz version of your domain is reserved. This email outlines the following steps for obtaining your UDAI and ensuring the shorter version of the domain is reserved for your use until September 2016.

If you do not follow these steps, anyone will be able to reserve the shorter .nz version of your domain name.

To perform the reservation:

  1. Go to simplename.co.nz
  2. Enter your domain name in the box and click Manage
  3. Click "Forgot your UDAI"
  4. Tick "You are the registrant" (assuming you're the registrant)
  5. Check your email (the same email this email came to), it should have an email from support@simplename.co.nz with a UDAI reset link. Click the link. If you didn't get an email, check your junk/spam folder. If it's still not there contact me.
  6. Follow the instructions on that page. A new email should be sent to you containing your UDAI.
  7. Go to https://anyname.nz/manage
  8. Enter your domain name, and your UDAI
  9. Assuming it lets you in, scroll down to Option 2 and click "I want to reserve your domain name"
  10. Select "Yes, This is correct"

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to contact us.